Om Prakash Subba Elected as the President of Nepal Christian Society

File Photo of Om Prakash Subba, Chairman of Nepal Christian Society (NCS)
File Photo of Om Prakash Subba, Chairman of Nepal Christian Society (NCS)
By Kumar Singh BistJune 8th, 2022

01 June 2022, Pastor Om Prakash Subba has been unanimously elected as the chairman of the Nepal Christian Society (NCS), for the next three years which was established to protect and advocate for the rights of Christians in Nepal.

The 19th General Assembly of NCS held at Crossway Church in Kathmandu on Wednesday afternoon unanimously elected Pastor Om Prakash Subba as the Chairman of NCS.

Similarly, the 19th General Assembly has elected Barnabas Shrestha and LB Chaudhary as co-chairmen of NCS and re-elected Dilli Ram Paudel as general secretary.

There is a provision that the provincial heads of all the provinces of the country will be automatically elected as vice-presidents. Accordingly, Pastor Barnabas Subba from Province 01, Pastor Peter Kamaleshwar from Madhesh Province, Pastor Padam Nath Parajuli from Bagmati Province, Pastor KP Tripathi from Gandaki Province, Pastor Babu Ram Basnet from Lumbini Province, Pastor Navin Darlami from Karnali Province and Pastor Hira Lal Bhat from Far West Province have been elected.

Similarly, Surendra Shrestha has been elected as the Treasurer, with Pastor Chandraman Nepali and Pastor Ashok Adhikari Co-Treasurers, and Pastor Rajendra Malla, Pastor Mukund Sharma, and  Pastor Kiran Kumar Das have been unanimously elected as Deputy General Secretary.

Pastor Tej Bahadur Rokka, Pastor Sangam KC, Dr. Krishnaman Shakya, Pastor Dhan Bahadur Thapa Amen, Pastor Jyoti Kumar Sunuwar, Pastor Vijay Thapa, and Pastor Sushildatta Bhatt have been selected as the secretaries of NCS with the objective of overseeing the growth and extension of different wings under NCS.

Similarly, Sita Gurung, Bimala Shrestha, Dhan Lama, and Shanta Poudel have been unanimously elected as members.

Dr. Tirtha Thapa, Coordinator and Advisor of the Election Committee informed that the remaining office bearers and central members will be selected by the Central Working Committee as per the advice of the Advisory Board.

According to news sources, a 51-member Central Working Committee comprising 29 office bearers has been selected under the chairmanship of the newly elected Subba of NCS.

Earlier, AGN President Pastor Joseph Shrestha was the chairman of NCS. According to the NCS constitution, after Shrestha's tenure ended, the general assembly held on Wednesday brought Subba as the president of the society.

After being elected as the chairperson of NCS, he talked to expressed his commitment to strengthening the society from the district level to the center for the protection and rights of the church.

He said that the concept of the church should be taken to the Mahaguthi from the National Christian Federation of Nepal and with the concurrence and cooperation of the Federation and the NCF with the Government of Nepal, the Mahaguthi will now implement this work.

Who is Pastor Om Prakash Subbaa?

Pastor Om Prakash Subba was born in 2011 in the British Camp at Bhairahawa Vaklauhawa in Kapilvastu district of Lumbini province as the youngest son of late father Mashi Prakash Subba and mother Ganga Devi Thapa. He has one brother and two sisters.

After completing the proficiency certificate level from Amrit Science Campus, he has studied BA and BEd from Tribhuvan University. From 1989 to 1992, he studied MDV in Bible Theology from ISGL, Philippines.

He has three daughters and a wife.

(The contributor is from Kathmandu, Nepal.)

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