Tentmaking Missionary in the UK Provides Career Counseling to Reach People

Brian Vander Waal
Brian Vander Waal
By Brian Vander WaalMarch 24th, 2023

Note from the Editor: Brian Vander Waal is an American missionary who lives in London, UK. Sent by his church, Bethel Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Wisconsin, he is ministering in a South Asian area of London (Southall) to Muslims, Hindus, and Sikhs from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and other areas. He first came to the UK as a full-time supported missionary in 2003. In August 2006, he became a tent-making missionary. He is currently an Employment and Careers Consultant at Ealing Council, where he manages programs that give career advice, guidance, and help with getting a job. Before that, from January 2009 to July 2013, he worked in schools to help students plan their careers. Between August 2006 and December 2008, he was an independent learning coordinator at Holland Park School.

Below is his testimony from his view: 

I was born into a Christian family in the USA. I attended a Presbyterian church and Christian school from the Reformed perspective, which took seriously the authority of Scripture and the sovereignty of God. From an early age, I learned about sin, God’s wrath on sinners, and the good news that Jesus came to earth to atone for our sins on the cross. At the age of eight, I realized the truth of this on a child’s level, and I put my faith in Jesus. As my faith in God grew, I learned how He worked through his covenant people in the Old Testament and how He works today through his church.

In my college years, I earnestly began seeking the Lord for his leading of my life’s work. With time, I felt God’s calling into ministry. I saw that God's plan was to fix all the problems caused by the fall, like poverty, injustice, and sickness. As a result, I took part in a student-run service project serving the poor during my school breaks called “Putting Love into Action.” I got my Bachelor of Arts from Dordt University in Iowa. I majored in theology and youth ministry and minored in missions and evangelism.

In 2002, God called me to be a missionary with a church planting team in London with the purpose of reaching out to South Asians with the gospel. I arrived in London in January 2003. I am still in London, serving as a tentmaking missionary. Over the years, I have been able to share the love of Jesus with Muslims, Hindus, and Sikhs in London while helping many people seeking jobs, housing, and asylum, or who were facing problems with loneliness or broken relationships.

In 2005, I married a Christian woman from Pakistan. We now minister together in West London and at New Life Masih Ghar Church. 

I continue to serve God by telling people about the gospel, giving advice and direction about careers, jobs, and courses, and helping the poor in the name of Jesus. If you are interested in giving to the Ministry of Brian Vander Waal, please click here. From there, you need to enter our designation number, which is 51345, and indicate the amount you would like to give.

I also started my blog in 2022 to provide people with quality information, advice, guidance, and labor market information that will help them choose the right careers for them and secure employment. It is my prayer that my blog will reach and help many people.

Reach Brian Vander Waal via his contact us page.

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