Celebrity Couple Testifies Divine Intervetion of Rescue

A picture shows Vintz Huang, a Taiwanese artist, playing a guitar on the stage at an unknown date.
A picture shows Vintz Huang, a Taiwanese artist, playing a guitar on the stage at an unknown date. (photo: Vintz Huang)
By Li ChunJuly 11th, 2023

A few days ago, the celebrity couple, Vintz Huang and Nancy Kou, found themselves caught in a torrential downpour while driving, resulting in their vehicle becoming stranded in a waterlogged area. However, through the power of prayer, a divine intervention took place, and a rescue car materialized to transport them to the airport, allowing them to attend the upcoming gospel meeting as planned.

Vintz Huang, the renowned songwriter, producer, and host, together with his wife Nancy Kou, shared the miraculous experience they had encountered on social media platforms. On the day of the event, after fulfilling their responsibilities in Shanghai, the couple embarked on their journey to the airport in order to catch the sole flight to Kaohsiung available that day.

Unfortunately, they encountered a severe rainstorm, and shortly after their departure, their car became trapped in the floodwaters. Ultimately, due to the flooding of its exhaust pipe, their vehicle became immobilized.

Recognizing the urgency of their need to promptly return to Kaohsiung for the upcoming evangelistic meeting, during which they were entrusted with significant evangelical work, they engaged in fervent prayer, beseeching God to intervene.

Huang expressed, "If we were to miss the plane, it would jeopardize our mission. While our inability to return to Kaohsiung may seem trivial, the conversion of souls is of utmost importance. Therefore, this must not happen. Oh, my God! We must reach the airport in time!"

Continuing his plea, he implored, "God! Regardless of the circumstances, I must make it to the gospel rally this afternoon, and no obstacles should hinder the Almighty's work!"

Subsequently, at the most critical moment, a rescue car appeared, pulling them out of their predicament and swiftly transporting them to the airport. Miraculously, they arrived at the airport punctually and caught their flight to Kaohsiung.

- Translated by Stephen Huang

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