Love Stories Follows After God's Healing

Two hands contacting through the light of love.
Two hands contacting through the light of love. (photo:
By Katherine GuoJuly 10th, 2023

A church that is centered around God and operates with the Holy Spirit's work not only experiences miraculous healings from God but is filled with testimonies of love.

In a recent visit to some grassroots churches in central China, I heard stories of healing from staff members in every church I visited.

A female believer surnamed He suffered from mental illness when she was young. After receiving healing through her faith in God, she has been serving in the church her whole life. Now in her seventies, she is in charge of a rural church. A male Christian with the surname Li was diagnosed with leukemia last year. Due to the pandemic of COVID-19, he couldn't receive timely treatment in the hospital. When he reached a dead end, he prayed to God for help. Now, he has mostly recovered and actively participates in church ministries. Another female believer surnamed Zhu, who works as a gatekeeper in the church, used to be solely focused on making money and neglecting her health, but eventually fell seriously ill, losing both her health and wealth. But God listened to her prayers and saved her life. After her recovery, she faithfully serves in the church.

Those persons become servants of God after being healed, and those around them, especially their family members, maybe accept Jesus as a result. With its members experiencing miraculous healings, the church also cares for young or old pastors and disadvantaged people.

The leaders of another church called T do their best to meet the financial needs of pastors, enabling them to focus on their ministries; they also strive to train young pastors; pastoral workers treat elderly pastors like their own brothers and fathers.

An elderly female believer would prefer to remain in the city where the church is located rather than have her own children take care of her. She said wherever the church was, there was home. After her passing, she was buried in the church cemetery. Believers in this church gave as much as they were able and even beyond their ability.

Church T strives to serve the local community and donate money and goods to areas affected by disasters or remote areas. Where there are people, there is conflict, even for Church T, which is willing to resolve disputes peacefully.

The church should be full of testimony; otherwise, it is dying. Because wherever God works, there is healing and love.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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