Fellowship for Sunday-School-Parents Founded in Yuguang-Street Church in Dalian

Yuguang Street Church
Yuguang Street Church (photo: Yuguang Street Church )
By Josiah LiJuly 13th, 2016

A fellowship for Sunday school parents has been founded in July in Dalian Yuguang Street Church, the former Dalian Anglican Church and plans to hold a fellowship once every mid-month.

The letter the church gives to these parents said that the church finds that it's far more than enough to develop the children's Christian faith in once-a-week Sunday school activity and they need the parents' cooperation to develop these teachings because the family plays an essential role in a child's growing.

The fellowship is designed to help believers teach their children with God's wisdom and to have the children have a healthy life in Christ.

Sharing about the Bible and books will be held along with child-rearing experiences in the fellowship. 

According to Wikipedia, the weekly services are held on Friday evening (for the youth) and three times on Sunday in the church. Baptism is done usually on Sunday a week or two before Christmas Day or Easter. A Christmas program including the 50-member chorus is held on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day, no service is held, but the song and dance programs are held from morning till the afternoon.

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