Church of Xi'ning Shares Message of "Fruit of Faith"

Gan'en Church in Xining, Qinghai Province
Gan'en Church in Xining, Qinghai Province (photo: CCD)
By Josiah LiSeptember 23rd, 2016

On September 18, Gan'en Church of Xi'ning shared the message regarding the  "fruit of faith" in three key points on the Sunday service in Qinghai.

1. Life through faith 

This life is newborn because anyone who believes that Jesus is the Christ is born of God. 

This type of life loves and needs love. The biggest way a reborn person demonstrates his rebirth is to love God as well as love people, an expression of the love to God. 

2. Accepting testimony by faith 

There are three factors that testify faith: the Spirit, the water and the blood. The testimony is also the testimony of God, which He has given to His son.

3. Evidence by faith 

Through faith, we can learn that we have eternal life, the prayer follows God's will and be convinced of being guarded by God and that we belong to God.

Rev. Zhu Hanwen, the senior pastor of the church, said that the church was built in 2000 and has been the second church in the city, which exists 110 years later after the construction of Jiaochangjie Church, the first church in Xi'ning.

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