China’s First Christian Movie“Next Station, Love”Wins IFFF Best Feature Foreign Drama

Next Station, I love You
Next Station, I love You
By Grace ZhiNovember 16th, 2015

“Next Station I Love You, won the Best Feature Foreign Drama in IFFF(International Family Film Festival)!” Liu Xin, the Chinese Christian actress published the good news on her microblog.

Liu said this was the seal and encouragement from God for the first Christian movie of China and she gave the glory to God.

After knowing this, the Hong Kong actor Steven Ma, who is the leading actor in the movie, gave his thanksgiving, “Congratulations everybody, all the glory to God! Hallelujah!”

As the first Christian movie in China, Next Station I love You, which is adapted from a true story of a Christian couple, tells a story of a couple and their friends and how they respond to hardship in their lives. It is directed by Terry Lee and the Christian actors and actresses: Steven Ma, Ophelia Yang, Makiyo and Liu Xin star in the movie.

The leading actress Xuanxuan Ophelia acts and the leading actor Wan Hao Steven acts are a newly-married perfect match affectionate couple who love each other. However, Xuanxuan is diagnosed with cancer in a checkup, which changes their life dramatically. The couple are under great trial. The doctor Liu Xin acts witnesses their moving story.

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