Special Christian Exhibition Tour Opens to Show Christianity in Shenzhen

The exhibition opens in Shenzhen
The exhibition opens in Shenzhen
By Yi YangOctober 11th, 2016

Recently, the special exhibition tour and the second part of the series of culture communication activities -- "Blessed China & New Way of Faith" which celebrates the 66th anniversary of the founding of TSPM, is opened by the Church of Shenzhen. Around 300 church co-workers, local CCC&TSPM and officials attended the inauguration.

Since September 29, the exhibition showed the development of Christianity in China, churches with Chinese characteristics and 61 Christian painting and calligraphy works, touring in the five significant local churches (Langkou Church, Shenzhen Church, Baoan Church, Nanshan Church and Longgang Church).

Christian paintings & calligraphy works
Christian paintings & calligraphy works

Starting from Langkou Church, the exhibition tells a story of the blessed Chinese church, church in Guangdong and church in Shenzhen. 

During the period of 1807 to the foundations of P.R.C, there were 60,000 believers belonging to more than 20 denominations. In the 1950s, the church in Guangdong joined in the Three-Self Patriotic Movement and dealt with the church affairs according to the three principles of self-governance, self-support, and self-propagation.

The exhibition area of the history of Christianity in Guangdong displays the Chinese version of the New Testament translated by Robert Morrison, the book 'Good Words to Admonish the Age' compiled by Liang Fa, the first Chinese Protestant minister and evangelist ordained by Robert Morrison and the Chinese Xuandao Church founded by Chinese pastors including Rev. Chen Mengnan. 

It also includes the introduction of the Guangdong Union Theological College, ministries on education, writing, medical care and local featured churches that spoke in Cantonese, served the Hakkas or were located in Chaoshan. Moreover, it shows the church in Guangdong before and after the Second Sino-Japanese War, as well as Christianity during the Republic of China.

There are 31 registered churches that are introduced in the exhibition in Shenzhen. Christianity in Shenzhen also covers the development of the social service ministry, the sacred music department of the city's CCC&TSPM, the business branch of Shenzhen TSPM and the Grace Relief Service Development Center.

At the end of the exhibition, the sponsor arranged the attendants to visit the art exhibition hall of Qianzhen Girls' School, separated from Langkou Church only by a wall.

Qianzhen Girls' School
Qianzhen Girls' School

In 1891, the Swiss Basel Mission of Lutheranism moved a girls' school - which later became "Qianzhen Girls' School" - in Hong Kong to Langkou.  An old church inside the exhibition tells the origin of the school, the collected historical information and played the related documentary.

The series of culture communication activities has held the first part --- the joint praise concert of sacred music of the church in Shenzhen-  on September 17 and will end with the last part with a charity evening gala. 

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