Suzhou Churches Holds Thanksgiving Gathering

Gongxiang Church
1/5Gongxiang Church
Apostle Church
2/5Apostle Church
St. John’s Church
3/5St. John’s Church
Lion Church
4/5Lion Church
Mujia Graden Church
5/5Mujia Graden Church
By Grace ZhiDecember 1st, 2015

On Oct. 26, Thanksgiving Day, churches in Suzhou held the celebration and believers brought their crops and fruits to give thanks to God.

In the afternoon, a retreat was held in Mujia Graden Church. Wang Jiafei, as the guest speaker from Nanjing Union Theological Seminary,  gave the sermon "Sufficient Grace" and encouraged believers to be always grateful.

The Thanksgiving Worship was held in the evening in Lion Church and two brothers whose diseases were healed gave their testimony.

In the thanksgiving worship, Gongxiang Church led the believers to count the grace of the Lord and believers shared "the firstfruits of the land" with others.

In this special day, more than 270 co-workers of Apostle Church got together and had dinner. Rev. Huang Fuping shared the message "Thanksigiving" and asked everyone to count the abundant grace God gave in 2015. Du Xifei, the deacon of its business fellowship, recalled the four-year history of the business fellowship and gave thanks to God's guidance toward it.

On the Sunday before Thanksgiving, St. John's Church held the thanksgiving worship "Love in Every Day". After the worship, various programs were performed, such as songs and dances. 

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