Rev. Fan Chengzu, Chairman of Inner Mongolia CCCTSPM, Dies at Age 78

Rev. Fan Chengzu
Rev. Fan Chengzu
By Hu JingyanJanuary 8th, 2016

Rev. Fan Chengzu, the chairman of  Inner Mongolia CCCTSPM, died at the age of 78 on January 7, 2016. His funeral will be held on January 11 and memorial service on January 13 in Xincheng Church, Hohhot.

During his lifetime he pointed out his important view toward how to preach the gospel to Chinese: to evangelize China, it should be done first to sinicize Christianity. 

Fan explained that sinicization of Christianity is not an empty slogan so Christians should make Chinese know this is the gospel and recognize it. The most important point is that Christians' good deeds should shine before people and witness for the Lord. Christians can preach the gospel to relatives and friends. Churches can organize activities such as Christmas gathering in which the unreligious have chances to accept the gospel once joined. In addition, there are many CDs and books providing access to the gospel.

Rev. Fan Chengzu, male, born in 1938 in Inner Mongolia, graduated from local polytechnical school. Below were the positions he had during his lifetime: the former member of the ninth-eleventh CPPCC(The National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference); the fifth and sixth associate chairman of CCC(China Christian Council); the sixth chairman of board of Yanjing Theological Seminary; the fourth chairman and fifth president of Inner Mongolia CCCTSPM, the sixth chairman of Inner Mongolia TSPM; the third general secretary and president of Hohhot CCCTSPM.

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