Historical Church in China: Wuhan St. Michael Christian Church of Wuhan

St Michael's Christian Church in Wuhan
1/3St Michael's Christian Church in Wuhan
St Michael's Christian Church in Wuhan
2/3St Michael's Christian Church in Wuhan
St Michael's Christian Church in Wuhan
3/3St Michael's Christian Church in Wuhan
By Grace ZhiFebruary 21st, 2017

Built in 1918 by the American Protestant Episcopal Mission, St. Michael Christian Church, located in Wuchang District, Wuhan, has been listed as one of the top-quality historical buildings in the city. 

In 1868, three missionaries including Bishop Alexander Williamson, a Scottish Protestant missionary, preached the gospel in Wuhan and established a commanding center in Hankou.

The church is named after the patron saint, Michael the Archangel, for the Episcopal Church has retained the most part of the Catholic heritage in the Protestant denominations. 

The Gothic-style church shows the Latin cross layout with two steep slope crests. It has a sanctuary on the second ground where there is also a pool one meter high used for baptism before the sanctuary. The offices are on the first ground. Besides, the church owns a clergy house and a large courtyard with trees. 

After the religious policy was complemented, a part of the church property has been returned to Hubei CCC & TSPM while the first ground still belongs to the local education bureau.

The church holds gatherings and activities including Sunday services, Sunday school for children, Bible study, prayer meetings and fellowships. 

Translated by Karen Luo

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