Taiwanese Pastor Invited to Give Lecture at the Shandong Theological Seminary

Pastor Wei Tixiang
Pastor Wei Tixiang (photo: CCD File Photo)
By Yi YangMarch 27th, 2017

Pastor Wei Tixiang, Director of the Taiwan-China Cross-Strait Christian Exchange Association, was recently invited to visit and give a special lecture at Shandong Theological Seminary. His lecture was titled "Talk Shop." It examined three things: writing, preaching, and worshipping.

According to the WeChat (Chinese social media) account of the CCC&TSPM of Shandong, Rev.Wei spoke from his thirty years of ministry experience. He talked about starting the monthly magazine "Dandelion" and the "Christianity Today" website and his experience at Calvary Press. He also said that words can convey the infinite truth and wisdom of God despite our physical limitations.

The four suggestions he gave for writing were to have "Words based in the mind," that "Practice makes perfect," "to Size up the situation," and "Two heads are better than one."  Regarding sermons, he said to be concise and comprehensive, to observe carefully, be painstaking, and use stories to make the words come alive.

He also encouraged the students to be servants, who are expressive with plans and power of execution.

Wei is the founder of Giraffe Cultural Enterprises, the Andrew Food Bank, and Christian Daily.  He is also the chairman of Dandelion Hope Foundation, a consultant for Calvary Press, head pastor of the Christian Leadership Church, and director of the Taiwan-China Cross-Strait Christian Exchange Association.

Wei has worked together with Elder Ouyang Jiali as secretary-general of the Taiwan Christian Pastoral Visitation Group since 2011. They have invited church leaders from different denominations, seminaries, and other organizations, to visit mainland China. The Taiwan-China Cross-Strait Christian Exchange Association was founded after the 2013 Cross-Strait Christian Forum. Wei and Ouyang were the director and assistant director respectively that first year.

Translated by: Grace Hubl

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