Chinese Moved by Jimmy Carter's Christian Charity love

Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn Carter worked to build houses for local people in Canada.
Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn Carter worked to build houses for local people in Canada. (photo: Habitat for Humanity)
By Ruth WangJuly 24th, 2017

This July Jimmy Carter, the former U.S. President, led a team of Habitat for Humanity to build 150 houses for local people in Canada to celebrate the country's 150th anniversary.

However, he felt dizzy after working under the hot sun then he sit down on the ground. Later he was taken to a hospital, diagnosed with sunstroke and dehydration. The 92-year-old and his wife returned to the construction site the second day that was the final day for him to engage in his latest project of Habitat for Humanity. His spirit was highly respected by many netizens.

In 1984, the Carters volunteered in the Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Work Project of the organization for the first time in New York. During the following more than three decades, the devout Christian couples have led around 100,000 volunteers from 14 countries to build, renovate, and repair about 4000 houses for families in need across the world. Annually they have taken part in a week-long project of Habitat throughout the world. Actually this is just one of the charity projects they have joined in.

A Chinese WeChat account entitled "Thoughts from A Floating Life" praises his devotion, claiming that thousands of people are moved by his spirit. "Because it is known to all that this is not a political show of kissing children, playing with a dog or raising the lid of a pan at your folk's home during festivals, but a religious insistence lasting for 34 years. The old man has climbed to the top of the life (the 34th President of the United States) and has won the highest honor (awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002 for his work for international peace and charities). At 92, he could enjoy a retired life, but he sticks to serving the whole mankind and pioneering in promoting human progress. With His 89-year-old wife Rosalynn, they went through the hardships. The great couple celebrated their 71st wedding anniversary not too long ago... We regain faith in love, romance, humanity, faith through the soulmates who shine the glory of angels."

The account states, "As Christians, they don't just talk about Christ, instead, prove the existence of Christ by carrying out deeds. They never reject dissenter and show tolerance with love. Hatred is never spoken from their mouths. Their action is always full of love. Faith is not on one's lip, but live out faith with your life... They give hope to human beings and let us see the nobleness of humanity... The value of elites lies not in how many people they are able to surpass, but how many people they can help."

-Translated by Karen Luo

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