Wuxi Church Gives to Couple in Wheelchairs

The 4th Christian Charity Art Auction of Wuxi Church
The 4th Christian Charity Art Auction of Wuxi Church
By Wuxi ChurchSeptember 4th, 2017

A young man and a young woman who are both paraplegics in Jiangsu, an eastern-central coastal province of China, magically fell in love and got married.  On Aug 22, 2017, Wuxi Christian Church donated 2,000 yuan ($300) for them.

Dou Guizheng and his wife Dong Piao came together in their sickbeds. Pastor Zhang from Wuxi Church went to bat for them in their difficulties. He even fulfilled the couple's dream by raising funds for a motorized wheelchair on Dec 31, 2015.

The couple was invited to a talk show called "To Happiness" on Jan 26, 2016. They were called "the couple in wheelchairs" by the media. Though over 50 people donated for them, Pastor Zhang Peifu was the only one invited on the show.

The wife's condition gradually improved with the motorized wheelchair, according to Dou. However, their child is still in school and neither of them works. The wife's bedsores occur sometimes and it was too painful to bear. After the church learned about this, they activated a loving fund to aid them. Dou specially called the church after receiving the money thanking the continuous care of Wuxi Church. He said they would remain optimistic and strong and raise their child to be a pillar of society.

This donation honored Pastor Zhang's promise, "Though we've delivered a motorized wheelchair for the disabled couple, it is far from enough. As long as there's need in misery groups, we won't cease our outreach."

-Translated by Grace Hubl

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