Pain in the Church: Believers Say Nobody Care for Them, So Do Pastors

A church.
A church.
By CCD contrbutior: Xiao BinSeptember 20th, 2018

Almost all the Christians I meet believe that they need to be loved and given attention. 

The church may be the institution where people talk about love the most in the world. Nearly all Christians feel the warmth surrounded by love in the church each time they enter its halls, but over time, that kind of warmth cools down whenever it is felt by believers or pastors. 

Pain of believers 

When a new believer joins a church, a pastor often inquires after his wellbeing and other members take meticulous care of him.  However, as he regularly attends the church, the situation goes into a precipitous decline. 

Since pastors have to shepherd too many flocks, it is impossible to treat all members the same. Those who are more lively, act childishly and cute, shed tears and pour out their woes naturally win the concern and care from most people. It is the same for pastors.

They unconsciously neglect brothers and sisters who are shy, low key, and quiet. The latter comes to church because they felt unloved, but instead of being loved, they are habitually ignored. They may wait all day to be loved, but it becomes clear that the people they expect to show them love are perfectly passive and there is only a small probability they will be noticed. This is pretty obvious in megachurches. Most Christians leave silently just after Sunday services have been concluded. Nobody knows their names, ages, jobs, hometowns, and recent difficulties. 

But, they desire to be noticed. 

Therefore, many Christians prefer small fellowships or churches. Such small Christian organizations consisting of a dozen or twenty odd people are given equal support and they know one another very well.

Sadly, such small fellowships are not available everywhere. A majority of Christians have to attend large churches in order to hear the Word of God and be heard by the people. As a result, they are disappointed with the church and their fellow members, especially pastors who seem to be cold-hearted.

Pain of pastors 

It is said that pastors should have a father's heart and takes good care of his flock like a shepherd. It is also said that pastors are servants who serve all Christians and wash their feet. 

Unfortunately, there are times pastors get confused about their own identity.

With the onset of urbanization, new faces appear in their services. It is already a hard job for pastors to remember their names, let alone smile and talk to them. 

Pastors are also normal brothers or sisters who also need care and support.

They also experience the same troubles: from marriage, children's birth, supporting families, preparing for retirement, and other trivial matters. They have also have burdens like leading Bible studies, prayer meetings, delivering sermons, visiting members, and doing ministries. 

They also have weaknesses, like not always reading the Bible, praying, wanting to sleep, and feeling exhausted but they couldn't due to their mission.

They have committed bad things, like committing sins, behaving against God, deceiving people, and having dark thoughts.

Who can understand their hearts, show care for them, and comfort their broken and contrite hearts? 

Believers and pastors are people who need love. So, show more care for Christians who sit in back pews and pastors who seem like they need a hand.

- Translated by Karen Luo

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