Cervical Cancer Vaccine Is Safe Says Study

cervical cancer vaccine is safe
cervical cancer vaccine is safe (photo: pixabay)
By M. GraceSeptember 25th, 2018

The public health institute RIVM has concluded in their study that a vaccine can prevent cervical cancer and it is totally safe.

The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), according to a report posted yesterday, September 24, concluded in a study that there is no link between cervical cancer's vaccine and the long-term fatigue symptoms in girls.

Last year, 12 and 13-year-old girls received a call for vaccination program against HPV virus that causes cervical cancer. There is only 46 percent who went to get vaccinated which is a lot lower compared to other diseases. According to a report, the main reason why the girls did not show up because of the fear of the side effects including fatigue and headaches.

RIVM examined whether the long-term complaints had to do with the vaccine. Nearly 70,000 girls were selected for the study. The data showed that the long-term fatigue before the HPV vaccine was introduced occurred as frequently as afterward. RIVM concluded that the complaints are therefore separate from the vaccination.

In addition, the medical data of 49 girls who had complaints for more than six months were linked to vaccination data. This showed that the 37 girls who received a vaccination did not visit a GP more often in the following year.

The RIVM called it dramatic in June that many children do not respond to the call for an HPV vaccination. The low funding ratio can lead to dozens of extra deaths in the long term, the institute stated. Even then, the RIVM emphasized that research has shown that the drug is safe. Incidentally, the coverage ratio has not always been that low. Shortly after the introduction of the program, about ten years ago, about half of the girls responded to the call. In the following years, the percentage of participants grew to 61 percent.

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