Park Shin Hye and Hyun Bin Works Together for the First Time in 'Memories of the Alhambra'

memories of alhambra
memories of alhambra (photo: screenshot / youtube)
By M. GraceNovember 29th, 2018

Famous South Korean leading lady Park Shin Hye and famous leading man Hyun Bin will work together on tvN's new drama series titled "Memories" of the Alhambra."

During the press conference of the drama on November 28, the two famous actors shared how it feels like working with each other.

"Filming was a comfortable experience for me because Hyun Bin was really great at leading me through scenes. We actually went to the same school," Park Shin Hye shared to the media.

"Because our first filming was at an overseas location, I thought it might be difficult for us to bond but being overseas gave us all the chance to hang out together on weekends. I'm sure it could have been difficult to approach me because I'm the youngest, but he always takes great care of me," she said. "He created a space for all of us to talk freely about our drama and our careers. We'd sit over a glass of beer and talk about our characters, and also share worries and concerns about our future plans. We became close very quickly, and I was grateful for his leadership."

Hyun Bin also shared how he looks up to Park Shin Hye as an actress and told nothing but nice things about her.

"This is my first time working with Park Shin Hye. Though she's younger than me, she's been acting from a young age so she has a lot of experience under her belt and more importantly, she has a deep passion for acting. Acting alongside her has given me a lot of motivation to work harder," he said.

"She's a bright and kind person. That energy really shines on set and helps us film within a happy atmosphere. I think she's quite similar to her character in the drama. We're having fun as we film," he added.

"Memories of the Alhambra" will premiere on December 1. It is a drama series which features mysterious events and secrets regarding a woman who runs a hostel and the head of an investment firm.  The series is also set to be released on Netflix streaming site.

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