Liaoning Church Launches Social Service Ministry

The members of the ministry called "God sent me to love you"  of Wafangdian Church
The members of the ministry called "God sent me to love you" of Wafangdian Church (photo: Provided by Kuai Yuanyuan)

The Christian church in Wafangdian, Liaoning province, places great attention on charity. Aligned with this idea, it has become the main server for vulnerable groups, helping the have-nots and making school education accessible to the children who are from poor families.

In February 2019, a ministry called "God sent me to love you" was set up. The following month the team organized a themed activity, "Neighbors are around you", to reach into each county and rural area in Wafangdian. It aims at working together monthly with a county church to help alleviate poverty and launch activities to assist impoverished students and disabled people.

On the afternoon of March 17, the team visited family #1 in Shengli county, Wafangdian, whose children needed support to go to school. The family has four persons, the parents and their son and daughter. The mother suffers from mental illness and the father is disabled. Fhe family has no income and depends solely on the guaranteed income supplement. Until now, the team has visited this family twice, helped them build a house, and donated over 4000 yuan to ensure the children's education. On the following Sunday afternoon, the church cleaned their house, took the two children to their home to take a shower, washed the clothes, helped them with their homework, and offered them delicious food.

On the afternoon of March 17, the team went to family #2 on Changxing Island. This is a family of four. The father has been cheated by multi-level marketing organization for more than 10 years. The mother's body is very weak. The elder sister is a mental patient.  Fortunately, the younger sister studies hard and is doing well in school. However, the family leads a tough life depending only upon a basic living allowance to survive. The team and the local believers gave more than 1000 yuan help the younger sister continue to be educated. What's more, they also provided some basic food staples for them, including rice, noodles, and meat as well as fresh bedding and clothes.

On the morning of April 14, the team also visited family #3 who has disabled people to help in Santai Country Wafang Dian. The family has no insurance, and due to the family situation, their sister is responsible for their basic life, relying on living allowances. The team and Santai Church's missionaries provided 500 yuan in cash, changed panel and bought goods for them,totally up to about 300 yuan.

On the morning of May 12, the team visited two households that include disabled members who live in Yongning County Wafang Dian, one of whom had an elderly couple aged between 80 or 90. The wife is very sick and bedridden while her husband has cancer. Their children have abandoned them. The team and missionaries from the Yongning church raised money for them and sent daily life supplies to them, totaling more than 650 yuan. And the missionaries will continue to care for them.

In the future, the ministry will pay a return visit to each family , and will try their best to ensure that each child enjoys the school education.

- Translated by Cindy



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