Jeremy Lin Donates 1 Million to Hubei, Says “Love Radically, Serve Generously”

Jeremy Lin posted a picture on Instagram.
Jeremy Lin posted a picture on Instagram. (photo: Jeremy Lin )
By Ruth WangFebruary 7th, 2020

The outbreak of the coronavirus has caught many people off guard.

Jeremy Lin, the Christian professional basketball player who played in the CBA All-Star Game this season, temporarily returned to the United States due to the pneumonia situation.

He posted on Instagram:

"Time flies and life is a blur. As I sit back and reflect, all I can say is this past year has been so crazy. The NBA and China's relationship soured, my friend Godfrey suddenly died filming on set, last year's Beijing Ducks captain G-Man was diagnosed w a terminal disease midseason and passed away, the coronavirus became a global health emergency, and Kobe/Gianna/7 others passed away in a tragic accident.

"The CBA season's been postponed indefinitely and I'm on standby, training and staying ready if the season resumes. Since last summer I haven't had much to say on social media, but I felt very strongly about this post.

"Today isn't guaranteed. Tomorrow isn't guaranteed. Nothing in life is guaranteed. Live life to the fullest, pursue the best version of yourself. If you aren't content along the journey, you won't be content at your destination. I learned this lesson the hard way. Find joy, find purpose, find truth. Love radically, serve generously.

"Life is too short and too precious for time to be wasted. I've lived in China this past season and now being back on US soil, I'm saddened by the racist comments regarding the virus in China. There are real people suffering and real heroes working round the clock in service to others - please don't let your fear or ignorance rob you of seeing that. This world needs more compassion and empathy. We are all imperfect humans - we all need grace. You have one life to live, focus on what really matters in life. And pray that God blesses us with the chance to see tmrw."

Meanwhile, he has been focusing on the Wuhan epidemic.

On January 31, 2020, a federation named after him and a famous Chinese basketball player announced that it had donated one million yuan to Wuhan and would mobilize members to raise and purchase relief goods.

- Translated by Karen Luo

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