Shenzhen Christian Social Group Donates Fund

Worship in an urban church of Shenzhen
Worship in an urban church of Shenzhen
By Yi YangMarch 20th, 2020

Recently a Shenzhen Christian charity reported on the funds it has donated in the battle against Covid-19. 

A fund of 15,600 yuan, donated by 26 people, was transferred from the Shenzhen Grace Relief Service & Development Center to the municipal charity society. 

Founded by Christians in 2017, the non-profit social group is under the Shenzhen Christian Council & Three-Self Patriotic Movement's Department of Social Service.  

True to its core value of "serving others rather than to be served", the group focuses on promoting a culture of charity among disadvantaged groups through poverty relief, education assistance and other public welfare activities.   

- Translated by Karen Luo



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