Christian Celebrity Morrison Ni Pray that God can Shape Him to Become a Man Who Loves Neighbors as Himself

Christian actor Morrison Ni
Christian actor Morrison Ni (photo: Morrison Ni)
By Phoebe Zhou June 17th, 2020

Christian actor Morrison Ni shared a reflection on his faith on Sina Microblog, asking the Lord to help make him a person who will love his neighbor as himself. 

On June 13, he posted, “Pray that the Lord will hone me into a person who is confident, not proud, humble, but not inferior, and who loves his neighbor as himself.”

A fan commented, “Amen! I need that, too!”

Once a loafer and a junkie, Ni encouraged drug addicts not to give up on themselves when recalling his past "addiction" story in a TV show in 2016. 

He began to take drugs at 16, and was later sentenced to four years in prison due to drug abuse. After he was released from prison he was still  controlled by his addiction. He shared, "I took drugs in secret and even increased the amount of drugs I took."

It was after he hosted an outdoor show that he was finally able to overcome his addiction. Besides, he quit drugs by faith. 

- Translated by Karen Luo

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