Elderly Christians Protect Church Cross from Being Removed

The Church resumed in-person gatherings on July, 19
The Church resumed in-person gatherings on July, 19
By Antony Cai July 14th, 2020

On the morning of July 13, some elderly believers crowded together at the intersection in front of their church in Huainan, China’s eastern Anhui Province, as the local authorities were about to remove the cross from the top of their church.

Many churches around Shiwan Church in Lichong Hui Ethnic Township, Fengtai County have had the crosses on top of their church buildings removed, according to a local source.

However, the removal failed because of the protest from the elderly Christians. Although local officials threatened to pay “special” attention to them, a believer sent them a video that showed the congregation’s resistance and desire to protect the cross. Local authorities didn’t come in the afternoon.

He said that they would continue to protect their church. On rainy days, the officials are unable to come to the church because the church is halfway up the mountain and it is difficult to drive there. So the believers said they would remain inside the church if it rained.

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