Christian Celebrity Will Liu Joins Charity for Orphans

Christian celebrity Will Liu and his family joined in a charity for orphaned children in Taiwan on December 5, 2020.
Christian celebrity Will Liu and his family joined in a charity for orphaned children in Taiwan on December 5, 2020. (photo: Will Liu)
By Phoebe Zhou December 14th, 2020

Christian celebrity Will Liu said that he would give more care to orphans every time he stayed with them in a charity on December 5.

Having been in a charity campaign for seven years, the Taiwanese singer and composer led his family to participate in an activity that deeply moved him.  

He posted on China’s Tweet Weibo, 

“As a father, I have a lot to say every time I stay with orphaned children...

I’m honored to be the ambassador of the Taipei Orphan Welfare Foundation(an organization founded in 1968 to provide holistic care for orphans by gathering social resources).  

This time the that all my family will join in.”

The Christian star added, “We told our children...if papa and mama are not around you for some time, you will miss us and even burst into tears before going to sleep. Do you know that?

Not having parents with them, many children keep crying even if they miss them. Can we give more care to those children?

The three nodded!”

He continued, “It rained a bit when we left our home, but it stopped after we arrived at the venue. The prayer of our whole family on the way worked. I’m grateful for the successful press conference. Celebrities and cyberstars such as Yen-j, Yung-Chih Pang, and Vela Blue were there for support, sharing wonderful performances. Children had a lot of fun in the fair sponsored by many companies and groups.”

“I invite you to join in the Taipei Orphan Welfare Foundation.

Give your love and strength... I hope the last month of 2020 can witness more stories of love and how powerful love can be!” 

A fan commented, 

“I’m very thankful for your family’s efforts and perseverance that we know about this activity and its meaning. It’s awesome. Giving to children is a loving example. I believe these good deeds will bring about more nice changes. ”

Another response read, “This is a hard-won chance. Every parent must treat their child (children) with full love and care. I trust that every child has felt your deep warmth during the charity care for disadvantaged children. There is good karma regardless of ethnic groups or races. Every child who receives your help is filled with gratitude and feels sweetness and joy so that they can have a worry free childhood.”

- Translated by Karen Luo

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