Beyond Dreams IN LOVE Charity Party held in Beijing for O&D Children

By Mubo LiAugust 13th, 2015

A welfare party named "World Chinese, Concentric Dream", paying attention to orphans & disabled children (O&D), was held in Beijing Workers' Stadium. Many famous singers, entertainers and athletes fro mailand, HK and Taiwan, attended in the pary.

Yingrui Yeung, the founder of American Charity Foundation, which is one of the organizers, shared the source of the idea, "World Chinese Concentric Dream". He called on people care and adopt the O&D children.

Qiu Yuanping, director of overseas Chinese Affairs office of the state council, shared the attention of the overseas Chinese in recent years on public welfare undertakings. She said, the overseas has donated more than 900 hundred millions RMB. She wished the party held successfully and helped the children.

After the speech, the party get into performance with three themes: "Faith", "Hope","Love".

In "Faith", Ashun Wu, a prominent Chinese golfer, gave a small speech, and drew out Taiwan Aborigine Choir sang "You Raise me up". The Choir and children from Tianjin Prince of Peace Children's Home sang together "Little Dream" at the end of the party.

In "Hope", it's around the story of Yang En-dian. Yang was born without arms and chest serious deformation, raised by Christian Mountain Children's Home. Now she is a famous foot painter, and has been rated as top ten outstanding youth in Taiwan. She signed and stamped a picture named "Peace & Joy", which created by herself. She hoped do her own to help more children like her.

"Love" began with Siu Tung Shan's sachs playing "Proud of you" "Amazing Grace". Wong Cho Lam's song brought the party into a small climax. He and his wife (Leanne Li) witnessed their love story that said true love worth to wait.

Appearance of Jeremy Lin got the party to highest. He shared the topic of Success with his own experience. Success is not how many achievements, but in love, known God's love for you. Jeremy gave the only suggestion, that is "love Lord; love the people around you, because God love you". Jeremy's share won the audience's warm applause and cheers from time to time.

Other programs at the party are: Jade Kwan singing "I'm willing to"; Corinna Chamberlain's "Let It Go", "When you believe". Agnes Chiang's "wine dry if no seller; Catherine Hung's "when love near"; Eric Suen's "it's good to meet You, You and I"; Amber (South Korea) of "Beautiful"; Taiwan's Tank and Ruth Shi's "solo song"; Sun Boguan, brothers mushrooms, JinGui Sheng chorus of "my future is not just a dream"; "1931 women" singing "the dream will not lonely"; Taiwan TBC and Beijing Dragon Style performed passion street dance.

The charity event ended with the theme song "Let Love set sail".



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