Chengdu YMCA Recruits Volunteers for Special Children’s Games

One of the past activity photos of Chengdu YMCA
One of the past activity photos of Chengdu YMCA (photo: Chengdu YMCA)
By Zhang MengyueSeptember 30th, 2021

Chengdu YMCA announced the recruitment of volunteers for the first game held by Chengdu YWCA for special children.

According to its official WeChat account, Chengdu YMCA said that a special children’s sports event at Jintang County Special Education School will take place on October 10th, in order to "provide fair competition opportunities for them and help show their talents, enhance their abilities, and gain happiness and confidence in the activities".

In order to prepare for the sports meeting, 19 volunteers are required to help to assist in the event.

In terms of recruitment requirements, volunteers should understand the situation, agree with the service concept of Chengdu YMCA, and be tolerant and cooperative, and be aged between 18-40 years old. Among them, Chengdu YMCA members and volunteers, or people with sign language communication skills are preferred.

Volunteers will be supposed to have direct contact with the children, and cooperate with the staff to guide them to complete the activities; maintain the order of the children’s activities, and be responsible for the safety of them during the activities; design, prepare, and implement some recreations; assist the staff to complete the early preparation and late summary of the publicity work.

The deadline of application is October 8.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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