God’s Special Guidance in Visitation

The cross
The cross (photo: BGEA)
By Wa QiJanuary 27th, 2022

Before the Spring Festival which falls in early February, joining in with the church’s visitation ministry, I experienced God’s reality and presence during the visits.

Before starting, I prayed that I could find the home of believers who could also stay at home.

Together with a staff worker named C, I went to visit a female Christian called T for short, who lived in a high-rise building where there were only elevators and no stairs. Upon arrival, they found that they lacked the card which was needed to use the elevator. When C wanted to call T for help, an old woman came and swiped her card to open the door, so we followed into the lift. When asked about the elevator, the woman said with her card the elevator only stopped on the floor where her house was located. I asked her where she lived, finding she and T lived on the same floor. After opening the door, T asked us in surprise, "How did you come up? I was just going downstairs to pick you up!"

The next day, we paid a visit to another female believer, contacting her by phone on the way. After entering her home, we were told, "I’m just back home to get something. If you call me ten minutes later, I’ll be out again till five or six in the afternoon." She said when she received the call, she was ready to go out. So we thanked God for meeting her.

A few years ago, I visited another female adherent with a church staff member. Only knowing the community where she lives, we had no idea of her telephone number or her exact address. So we prayed and planned to inquire about her in the community. We thought if we couldn’t meet her, we would come to visit next time. When at a loss at how to find her, we saw her walking out of the opposite corridor with a garbage bag in her hand. She told us that she usually takes the rubbish out in the morning or evening, not that time. We considered this not to be a coincidence, but God’s guidance after our prayers.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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