Workplace Testimony: Waiting Quietly for God's blessings

A picture of three women working
A picture of three women working (photo:
By XiaoyanMay 29th, 2023

At the workplace, many people are facing stress and financial burdens. We therefore need to seek the Lord more and rely on Him to get through these difficulties and hardships.

Recently, I heard the testimonies of several working-class brothers and sisters in a small group fellowship.

Sister Chen works at a nursery school. During the pandemic, her school was closed several times, her salary was suspended, and she was also facing a mortgage payment of thousands of yuan monthly. She got weak many times, but God helped her through those times. Sister Chen said, "God is with us even in our workplace."

When Sister Chen first entered the industry, her meager income also made her want to change jobs several times. But often, at the last minute, after praying, she settled down for a while and continued with her current job.

About six months later, a change of leadership in the company brought about a series of new reforms, including adjustments to the salary system. By this time, she had also gained some work experience, and God often blesses her monthly enrollment performance.

During the pandemic, Sister Chen's school was closed several times as the early childhood education sector bore the brunt of the epidemic. At the height of the pressure, she was contacted by an acquaintance in her circle of friends who wanted to ask her to take care of her own children at home and teach them briefly for a monthly salary. So, through this arrangement, God helped Chen in the early days of the pandemic.

In the following year or two, as the school was closed from time to time, she wanted to switch jobs again and submitted some CVs. All these jobs paid well but involved more overtime and business trips. At that time, she was participating in some courses at the church and serving in a small group. A high-paying job would interfere with her life and faith. So she pressed the pause button first. At the same time, the leader of her unit told her that her boss had decided to promote her to head of department, increase her base salary by a few thousand yuan, and offer her monthly incentives.

Sister Chen realized that God is a God who is always present. When Christians face difficulties and lack, the most important thing is to learn to rely on God and wait.

The other testimony is about a middle-aged brother, Huang (pseudonym), who moved from the countryside to work in the provincial capital. The architectural decoration job he started with suited him well, but he was worried because he was unable to get a social security transfer.

So he prayed for God's blessing while he made his own contacts to find a new job. Not long after he switched jobs, he heard that his former unit could apply for social security for older employees who became full-time employees. In contrast, his new job had no advantage. Before the probationary period was up, he started looking for a new job again. By the time he changed companies a second time, he learned that the second employer had started increasing salaries. Once again, he missed out on God's blessing.

What he shared was poignant. Very often, we miss God's arrangements and blessings precisely because we are in a hurry.

If Christians can commit themselves to prayer and work hard in the present even before they see the results, they will surely see God's blessings.

(This article is written by a Christian in Shaanxi.)

- Translated by Nonye Nancy 

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