Christian developed ADM System for Chinese Church to Use For Free

ADM System
ADM System
By Issarch LiAugust 13th, 2015

Church management is a very important task. It can reduce a lot of trouble if we have the professional software to assist. Today, brother Cai Songling who researched and edited a church administration management system which covers church offering, church membership and account, who transfered from chinese traditional version to Vhinese simplistic version, provided for the world chinese churches to use for free.

Brother Cai said that administration computerization management system served thousands of schools in Tai Wan for more than 20 years. In 2000, he wrote the church ADM system which covers church offering, membership, and account. Almost over 700 churches were educated by joining this research or getting the CDs in the past 10 years, which made each church have a computerization administration management system.

The churches that were educated include many different denominations' conventions, which made each church that belongs the same denomination can have the same and convenient management.

Brother Cai provided this system for the world Chinese churches for free. The churches in the mainland of China have the administration management requirement recently, the churches in Tai Wan also helped to provide this system for these churches. Noticing this need, he transferred these three programs to Chinese simplistic version and shared it with the Chinese traditional version on the website for all of the Chinese churches to download for free.




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