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Church Humor
Church Humor
By Weixiang ShanSeptember 21st, 2015

1. Donate a Half

A poor brother says to the pastor, 'If I had one million yuan, I would donate half of it to the church.'

The pastor asks, 'If you had ten properties, would you donate five of them to the church?'

'Absolutely', the brother says.

'If you had two pigs, would you donate one to the church?' the pastor asks again.

'No... It's not fair, you knew I have two pigs.' says the brother with wide open eyes.

Indeed, it's easy for some believers to say donate all in the church, but it's hard for them to donate one tenth.

2. Already said a prayer of thanks

A sister who serves passionately in the church is very lazy at home. She hasn't bought food for several days. Instead, she serves leftover for her husband. Her husband began to eat as soon as he sat on the chair without saying a word.

The wife asks 'Why don't you say a prayer of thanks before eating?'

Her husband replies 'I've thanked three four times for the same food on the table.'

We should often say thanks to God from the bottom of our hearts regardless of how many times. But what makes the joke funny is that the seemingly passionate wife in the church forgets her duty as a wife in her home.

3. Hitting the wrong face

A non-believer slaps a believer in the face with his right hand. Then the believer slaps back.

The non-believer says 'Doesn't Jesus say 'whoever shall slap you on your right cheek, turn to him the other also?''

The believer says 'But you slaps my left side.'

Jesus doesn't emphasize the right face or the left face. What he tries to emphasize is that we should overcome evil with good instead of meeting violence with violence?

About the Author:
Rev Shan Weixiang is the Vice-President of China Christian Council, and Chief-Editor of Tian Feng (Heavenly Wind) Magazine. 

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