World Evangelical Alliance Inaugurates New York Training Center to Serve the Global Church

WEA opens new Evangelical Center
1/2WEA opens new Evangelical Center
WEA opens new Evangelical Center
2/2WEA opens new Evangelical Center
By January 20th, 2016

On Jan. 15th, he World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) celebrated the opening of its new Evangelical Center in Dover, NY. Statements claims that new property, located in the vicinity of New York City,  will host international conferences, meetings, and training program.

First inaugurated in December 2010 in Binghamton, NY, the Evangelical Center now moved to Dover where it offers significantly more space. The property is in partnership with the Olivet Center, a 2500 acre (ca. 10 km2) campus owned by Olivet University, which has been a WEA Global Partner for more than ten years.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by WEA representatives from various regions, national and local church leaders, and several county and municipal government officials who gave congratulatory remarks.

Rev. Dr. Richard Howell, General Secretary of the Asia Evangelical Alliance and the Evangelical Fellowship of India, offering the opening prayer during the inauguration service. Rev. Ndaba Mazabane, Chairman of WEA’s International Council, concluded the inauguration service with a benediction.

The WEA is preparing to launch two new onsite training programs this year:  FELlowship program, focusing on raising the next generation of national Evangelical Alliance leaders, and LEAD Exchange, a mixture of onsite and online training which will combine different courses that the WEA Leadership Institute has previously offered online and in workshops.

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