Calling from church in Shizuishan Mountain: More Youth are Needed

An urban church in Ningxia
An urban church in Ningxia (photo: CCD File Photo)
By Alice WangSeptember 27th, 2016

Shen, a sister from the church of Shizuishan Mountain in Ningxia Autonomous Region , talked about the dilemma of the church. The church has about 400 believers with no priests or deacons. Shen  is the  only full-time minister. Shen has not learned Theology. She has volunteered to serve God since she moved to Shizuishan two years ago.

"People used to easily accept gospel as long as we share God's love with them." Shen said, " Nowadays evangelism requires knowledge and insights. "

Shen deeply felt the necessity and importance of developing young church workers. She said to church workers in Gospel Times with emotion: " It is difficult for young people to take on the path of full-time ministry. They need our encouragement, their parents' support and their own dedication to the religion."

The development of the church needs young strength. " It is not difficult for us to evangelize old people. However,we haven't accepted higher education and know little about the Internet. We don't have common language with young people and can't win their belief ."

Shen also expressed her concerns: "Although there are young people willing to serve God with heart and soul, they also need to consider real life. The biggest challenge comes fromtheir families, society and peer pressure."

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