Beijing Churches Suspend Gatherings as COVID-19 Cases Surge

An overview of Beijing Fengtai Christian Church
An overview of Beijing Fengtai Christian Church (photo: Dongyi)
By Springs ShiNovember 29th, 2022

Due to the prevention and control of the pandemic, many churches in China's capital Beijing issued notices to suspend on-site gatherings and open webcasts.

Beijing Haidian Church issued an announcement on November 7, saying it would suspend in-person gatherings from now on till further notice, and the church opened two online Sunday worship services.

Beijing Fengtai Church announced in a notice on November 9, saying that Fengtai Church, Changxindian Meeting Point, and Fangzhuang Meeting Point decided to suspend all Sunday services and weekday gatherings from now on. Church believers can watch online Sunday's live streaming through the Fengtai Church network platform.

On the same day, Beijing Gangwashi Church issued a notice, saying that starting at midnight on November 10, the church would be closed to the public, and group gatherings would be stopped. At the same time, from this Sunday, church members could watch the online live broadcast of Sunday morning worship and replays of worship at other time slots by identifying the QR code of the church’s WeChat official account.

Beijing Chongwenmen Church informed believers on November 25, saying that the church’s onsite Sunday worship on November 27 was suspended, but the church opened five virtual Sunday worship services. The last time the church announced the suspension of gatherings was on October 15.

China mainland on Monday reported 3,624 new confirmed cases (957 cases in Beijing), and 35,021 new asymptomatic infections (3,429 cases in Beijing).

- Translated by Livingstones

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