Amid Trials, Jeremy Lin Says “The Best Life Is Lived through Gratitude, Surrender”

Christian basketball player Jeremy Lin played basketball on November 10, 2021.
Christian basketball player Jeremy Lin played basketball on November 10, 2021. (photo: Jeremy Lin)
By Christine Lau November 18th, 2021

The Christian basketball player Jeremy Lin said he was full of gratitude and surrender in the past months with twists and turns. 

On November 10, Lin posted on social media, “FOUR longggg months, but finally today was the first time I played contact basketball since I left SFO on 7/30 for China. Amazing feeling to re-join the team and hoop again.”

“The last few months was full of surprises and difficulties. My Asia trip canceled, JLIN 2 shoe launch gone, missed a huge portion of the CBA season. Gettin COVID, fainting twice, first concussion ever, appendicitis, the worst back spasms I've ever experienced, lost over 10 lbs, 11 weeks of confined quarantine in a small room, and more stress than I could bear. Oh ya, and no laundry during that time ha #stankkkk,” the Taiwanese-American celebrity added. 

Lin continued, “But it taught me a LOT. The main lesson being the best life is lived through gratitude and surrender. A deeper gratitude only gained through trials. Gratitude for food to eat, a bed to sleep on, a phone, technology to call family/friends, air to breathe, time to live.”

“Surrender to understand that as a human, in the scope of this universe, I'm so freakin incredibly small, insignificant and totally not in control of so many things in life. Surrender to trust God with my now and my future. Full surrender, living life w open hands.”

“P.S. I attended a Chinese class in the hospital, so I can write (posts) on social media instead of translation. You teach me in case I write something wrong or with non-standard grammar.”

A fan commented, “The heaven must entrust you with heavy responsibilities, otherwise it won’t sharpen you. You are our example.”

Another wrote, “Your Chinese writing has improved so much! You start to publish a long composition!”

“Come on, you will be better and better!" read one more message.

- Translated by Karen Luo

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