Testimony : Taiwaness Celebrity Shares Healing Experience

A picture shows Vintz Huang, a Taiwanese artist, playing a guitar on the stage at an unknown date.
A picture shows Vintz Huang, a Taiwanese artist, playing a guitar on the stage at an unknown date. (photo: Vintz Huang)
By Li ChunDecember 19th, 2022

A Taiwanese Gospel artist shared his experience of conversion and healing.

In November, Christian celebrity Huang Kuo-lun, gave a testimony of disease healing at Joel Bread of Life Church and called God "the God Without impossibilities".

He has used his music to testify of God's faithfulness frequently and has shared his own conversion experience. Currently, Huang is serving as a judge for the entertainment show "Super Idol".

When he was young, he became the overall winner of the Taiwanese singing talent show "University City" and received a prize of 100,000 yuan. He believed in love but did not believe in God. He also made a vow with his girlfriend, "We will get married when I return from serving as a soldier".

Unexpectedly, he got dumped by his girlfriend three months into his military service which ended his four-year relationship. At that time, he was so miserable and devastated that he did not want to live anymore.

Huang recalled how he could not think straight and became depressed. So, he went to the barracks kitchen, where he picked up a kitchen knife to cut himself when he laughed. The knife was so rusty that he would not die even if he cut himself. Since he would not die, he thought "One is unyielding when one has no desire", he decided to be a vegetarian and abstain from sex.

He even stopped eating eggs and consumed only vegetables, rice, and rice soup. Not only that, he pricked himself with a needle whenever he looked at a lady lustfully. After six months of doing that, he had no desire.

A friend once asked him out to dinner and ordered a table full of mouthwatering delicacies. The friend urged him to join and eat some, he refused, but the aroma of the meal tempted him. The friend suddenly asked him, "Are you really happy like this?" Obviously unhappy, he did not eat tasty food every day, had no strength and fell whenever he runs. . . He had another epiphany, picked up his glass of wine and said to his friend, "Cheers!"

It was at the most miserable time in Huang's life that his mother started believing in God. She said to him, "I will take you to church to pray." He replied, "Mum, believe in your Christ, I will focus on being a vegetarian, we do not have to cross boundaries." His mother said, "It is difficult to be a vegetarian, I will pray for you, how about we eat meat?" Again, he refused.

When Huang failed to become a vegetarian, he went home like a zombie and locked his door. His Mom said, "Let us talk about the breakup." ... "This time, do not refuse your mother praying for you." That day, Huang suddenly felt, "Why don't I accept this?" He began to let go of his ego and said, "Mom, please pray for me." "God, my son is in pain. Please help him.” He cried while his mother prayed. God loves you. He wanted to know who this God was and get to know Him for himself.

During the time of his mother's conversion, Huang developed kidney stones for the second time, which caused him severe pain. The doctor said to him, "You will never live a normal life." The doctor pronounced his illness terminal.

At the end of his third CT scan, Huang suddenly wanted to use the toilet. In front of the toilet, he suddenly thought of his mother's words, "God is the creator of the whole universe". So, he prayed the first prayer of his life in front of the toilet, "God, I do not know you, but my mother knows you. She said that you are the God who created everything in the universe and that the stone will listen to you. Now, if you make it come down, I will listen to you."

When he finished praying, he felt a sharp pain roll over him and the stones drained out, along with his urine. He saw that the stones were as big as peanuts, and he said to God in amazement, "God, you are real, I believe in you."

The next day, the attending doctor came to his bedside, looked at his first three CT scans and said he needed to have surgery right away. So, Huang told the doctor about the stones that he discharged along with his urine and showed him the fourth CT. The doctor said, "Brother, this is impossible. For a stone to pass out of the body, it must pass from the kidney through the ureter, which is as small as a pinhole. This is against science. The doctor responded after Huang told him it happened after praying. I have practiced medicine for many years and I do not believe in God. But your God saved you, you can be discharged from the hospital.

To this day, Huang Guolun still keeps the stones. "God is the God of no impossibilities. Doctors say things are impossible, but with God all things are possible. From the time I met Jesus, I began a journey of miracles without impossibilities."

- Translated by Nonye Nancy 

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