Ghanian Pastor: Enhancing the Lives of Deaf People through Gospel, Job Trainings, Quality Education in Ghana and Worldwide

Grace Society Special Deaf Ministry
Grace Society Special Deaf Ministry (photo: Provided by Emmanuel Acheampong)
By Even Emmanuel AcheampongOctober 19th, 2021
Greeting you in Christ. 
I believe that the good news of the Bible is very essential to deaf people worldwide, and through it, many deaf people have come to know about God's love for them. More than two thousand years ago, deaf people could not have access to the gospel because they were thought to be possessed by evil spirits which made them unable to speak and hear. Therefore, deaf people were excluded from anything that was relevant to life.
Fortunately, by the grace of God, a few churches for deaf people have been established in Ghana including the Deaf Methodist Church, and, nowadays, God has opened opportunities for deaf people to hear the gospel through sign language which is easily understandable to them. But due to economic hardship and financial difficulties, the deaf people in Ghana could not afford to pay for transportation fares to church to hear the word of God because most of them are not employed hence they find it difficult to earn money for transportation fares. We believe that having a bus to take deaf people from their homes to the church will open unlimited opportunities for deaf people to hear the good news at church and thus will have their lives transformed to a life of hope, vision, and righteous living. It is our hope and prayer that you would support us in whatever way you can to help us have the bus for the work of God in uplifting His deaf children and ushering them to receive His gracious word which is life-transforming.
Only two percentage of the deaf population in Ghana can read and write, which means that ninety eight percent of deaf people in Ghana cannot read and write and most of them are in the villages with no education at all. It is very well known that reading ability is very necessary to deaf people because it is by reading that the deaf are able to process information concerning what is happening around them and the rest of the world. Therefore, there is the need to teach illiterate deaf people who are still in the villages with no education how to read and write so that they can process information for themselves by reading the Bible, newspapers and other readable information outlets to equip them with knowledge for living in these times. We believe that if you were to support us in establishing schools for the deaf in some of the villages in the  country, where there are many deaf people who can not read and write, it would make a great difference in the lives of deaf people by helping them cope with life knowledgeably.
There are deaf parents who have children to cater for but due to economic hardship and financial difficulties, they could not send their children to schools. In Ghana, job opportunities for deaf people are very rare because most Ghanaians who are without disabilities don't believe that deaf people are capable of doing the very jobs that they think they themselves are capable of doing. This has led to unemployment and poverty among deaf people and as such many deaf parents couldn't earn enough money to send their children to school. We believe that if you were to support us in creating more job opportunities for deaf people, poverty among deaf people would be reduced and most of them would be able to work and earn enough money to send their children to school. For example, if there could be bread factories, vocational centers, and job training centers, most of the deaf people in Ghana could be employed and others could be trained to have the needed skills to establish their own business.
Finally, we need more deaf pastors and evangelists to reach deaf people in far places in villages across the country to bring them to the knowledge of God through the good news of God's love for them but due to financial difficulties, it could not be done therefore we pray that as we seek support for this noble vision to be realized, doors of opportunities would be opened.
My name is Emmanuel Acheampong. I am deaf and a pastor of a deaf Methodist church in Ghana. The name of the church is called Grace Society Special Deaf Ministry, the only deaf church under the Methodist Church Wesley Cathedral, Adum - Kumasin Kumasi Diocese, Ghana. I love God and my fellow deaf brothers and sisters in the country and it is my hope that you will pray for us and give us every support to uplift the lives of Deaf people in Ghana and worldwide. Please support us in every way possible. Thank you, God bless you.
Even Emmanuel Acheampong
(Deaf Pastor)
For more information, please contact Emmanuel Acheampong through telephone: + 233 246340158
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