Monday, June 24th, 2024
Article by:Catherine Zheng

Christian-themed Videos More Restricted on Mainstream Platforms in China

Censorship on Christian-themed videos seems to be more strict on increasing numbers of platforms. One Christian live broadcast outlet recently said that one of their programs was canceled and they were denied as a lecturer on Renrenjiang, one of the biggest live broadcast platforms in China.

Photos, Articles of Swedish Missionaries Published in Local Archive

The post entitled “A Journey from Overseas, A Bond of Ten Decades - Swedish Missionaries in Yuncheng City” is the introduction of the photos and articles about Swedish missionaries exhibited among the series of Yanhu Stories. It was released on the official Wechat public platform of the People’s Government of Yanhu District.

Theme Song of the Bible Museum in China Released

Recently, the theme song of the Bible Museum in China named The Journey of Bible through the Divine Land was published, praising how God’s love rooted deeply in the hearts and blood of Chinese Christians.
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