Thursday, July 18th, 2024

Well-Known Legal Figure Luo Xiang’s View on Tangshan Restaurant Attack

In recent days, the Tangshan restaurant attack incident in Hubei became viral, causing a great uproar in China and even around the world. Under the eyes of the public, several strong men openly attacked women without any justifiable reason. The most injured woman in white was beaten with blood and lost several teeth.

Christians Should Not Use WeChat Groups for Votes or Thumbs-up

According to the Bible, Jesus became very angry when he saw the Jews doing business in the temple and defrauding devout people of their money. He drove the people out and cleaned the temple. This is a reminder to us that we must make a distinction between God’s things and Mammon’s things. We should not confuse these two. It is better not to do sales work in the church.
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