Saturday, July 20th, 2024

Beijing Pastor Reflects on Running, Staying, and Returning

Ultimately, all instances of running, staying, and returning are in God's hands. It's crucial to understand God's will, have a clear heavenly vision, and discern the mysteries behind our circumstances. Whether we choose running, staying, or returning, we should choose the path of death on the cross.

Homeward Bound: A Christian’s Return to China

Three months ago, I returned to China, and upon returning, I found the situation more urgent and needed than I imagined. From a spiritual perspective, China is like a dried-up pond, and I hope more people will come to serve in China, as it urgently needs your help. I am waiting for your arrival here.

Reflections on Chaos in Gulangyu Island Tourism

Whenever holidays arrive, Gulangyu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, invariably trends on social media. However, during this year's Dragon Boat Festival, the "Sea Garden" which features ten Christian cultural heritage sites, has once again become a focal point, but this time with a bittersweet feeling.

Uncertainty About Future Leads People to Rural Mystery Religions

In recent years, the poor economic situation has affected the rural economy and income, particularly inpacting families burdened with debt due to marriage. The economic uncertainty intensifies their desire for certainty, contributing to the resurge of mysterious folk religions in rural areas.

My Favorite Book

A Christian child began English lessons with a non-Christian college student, and her parent encouraged her to approach essay topics from a biblical perspective. The parent explains why the Bible is the entire universe for true Christians in response to the student's inquiry.
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