Saturday, March 2nd, 2024
Faith and Life

3 Tips for Preparing for Sunday Service

We need to rely on the power of the Holy Spirit rather than on our ability to understand sermons. It is necessary to prepare the heart to seek spiritual growth through every service.

"Smiling at the Setting Sun", An Elderly Believer Says

A person can accept a faith that he thinks is best, and once he decides that it is worth holding on to for the rest of his life, he will consistently pursue the life given by that faith, “following the requirements of the truth to deal with his whole life”.

Back to the Cross

If it comes to "how to regain our strength", you must ask yourself why you lost your strength. Is it because of a lack of strength, or decline in strength? Is it because the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak? Or because of a loss of motivation and hope? If so, why is this happening?

If Someone Keeps Asking for Help, Should We help or Not?

Recently, something happens in the wechat group. Some people claim to be brothers and sisters who believe in the Lord, and ask for financial help in the Christian groups. They usually send a tragic picture in the group with a short description, and then "beg for help!", which caused chaos in the group.

Meditation on Fall of Jericho: What If We are Weak Spiritually?

When the people of Israel went to conquer Jericho, they went around the city for the first six days, and on the seventh day the wall collapsed. There needs to be a quantitative accumulation to make a qualitative change. So it is the same when we fight against sin.

Faith in the Heart of Coal Miners

In mining areas which pose great security to workers, the miners have established a deep friendship with God in the 30 years of struggling with faith.

Today, Peace is at My Home

I can't remember how long Peace has stayed in the room we prepared for her. With her living at home, I feel more at ease.

Enlightenment from the Jujube Tree

Let our lives sow the new seeds, accept irrigation from the Holy Spirit, nurture in the Words and the truth, bear plenty spiritual fruits and become a victory soldier of Christ.
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