Testimony of Deceased Believer: Wearing Mask to Preach on the Street, Praying Daily on Mountain

Prayer caves
Prayer caves
By Yuan XiangzhongOctober 11th, 2021

Editor's note: The following is the testimony of Mr. Huang Detang (1886-1981), an old servant of God who has returned to the heavenly family. We can see the evangelizing footprints of our predecessors, and understand the history of that time, so that we may be inspired to preach the gospel for the Lord.

Returning to his hometown from Shanghai, Mr. Huang wanted to be a witness to God on the streets of the market. Seeing that most of the people were acquaintances, he was so shy that he could not say a word like a dumb person.

In a dream that night, the Lord peeled the skin off his face and put it on the table. There were three holes in the facial skin with blood flowing down, but he felt no pain.

After waking up, he thought the Lord had told him not to be ashamed. After asking the Lord for wisdom, he made a mask out of indocalamus leaves (usually used to wrap rice dumplings) with three holes, and put it on his face. Wearing ancient costumes of actors, he put two benches on the street and placed planks on them. Knocking a gong with his hands, he shared the gospel as others came to watch the excitement. Later on, he became brave not to wear masks to bear witness in the markets.

One night, he dreamed of a person leading him to a high mountain, where many people gathered to study the Bible and the Lord Jesus taught them with tears. The Lord instructed him to go everywhere and say "ha-ha". Being ignorant of what that meant, he was told that "ha-ha" was the message of the gospel with peace and joy. He created a "haha" song for his sermons.

As people only sold the "Hala Cup", some people wondered what this "ha-ha" was, how much it was and how it was used. They asked him to show it to them. He said it could not be seen, but could be useful in any circumstance. Then he proclaimed the gospel of the Lord Jesus to them.

That was how he learned how to share the gospel from the Lord.

He ceaselessly conducted prayers on hills wherever he went, both in the morning and in the evening, and did the same while at home.

One year, on December 27 of the lunar calendar, he wanted to go to pray during the Spring Festival on Dalei Mountain, the highest in Xiangshan County, Ningbo City, Zhejiang. He first slept at the home of a male believer, Zhang Xianming.

Zhang said, "I would like to go with you."

"The Lord hasn't demanded that of you, so you don't have to," Huang answered.

Zhang continued, "I must go with you. God has healed my son who was about to die, and my bloody urine stopped after prayers. Now on Saturdays, I go everywhere to inform believers about Sunday services."

A family of believers received them on the way to the mountain. After dinner, Zhang said: "Mr. Huang, I will not go to the mountain with you." Startled, Huang inquired: "You said you must go, why not?" Zhang replied, "Where do we sleep? As you and I have never been there, we will starve or freeze to death without food and quilt." So he went back.

Huang went to Dalei Mountain alone and climbed to the top. There was a Taoist monk practicing and a hut built at the entrance of a cave.

Huang said to him, "Can you let me sleep in the cave?"

He replied, "Yes, there is one more quilt."

Huang asked, "Why do you have an extra quilt in your room?"

The monk answered, "There is another person living here, who is a monk with hair. He went back home to have a family reunion, taking his quilt with him. Unexpectedly, his carrying pole creaked before he could get too far, so he brought back the quilt."

Huang went outside to pray with joy and gratitude for God’s preparation. So he went there to pray every New Year’s Eve for three consecutive years.

(This article is edited by a 93-year-old elder from True God Church in Xiao Town, Fenghua, Zhejiang)

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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