Christian Singer G.E.M. Announces New Album Revelation: ‘There Is No Fear in Love’

A poster of Christian singer G.E.M.'s new album "Revelation"
A poster of Christian singer G.E.M.'s new album "Revelation" (photo: G.E.M.)
By Christine Lau July 29th, 2022

On July 18, Christian singer G.E.M. unveiled the trailer of her new album ‘Revelation’. The album, including 14 new songs, is to tell a complete story in the form of a musical, which is written by the Christian singer for the first time. She hoped that in a world where love is badly needed, people can "see the love, believe in love, and return to love" again.

While introducing the new album, G.E.M. said each of the 14 new songs has been valuable enlightenment to her, "either to know more about herself or to know more about love". She hoped that people can listen to her album completely in a time of attention scarcity, hence she decided to make the album in the way of musical series. "Every track comes with its own music video, and all together they consist of a fully integrated story," she said. 

G.E.M. secluded herself for half a year to produce the album because she had expected many difficulties during the process. While shooting for the album, the experience of countless, involuntary pauses and retakes caused by the repeated Covid-19 pandemic, cost her unimaginable efforts. But she still believed, "In this world where love is badly needed, I trust what I can do is to try my best to create works that make people once again see the love, believe in love, and return to love. So it doesn't matter how many setbacks there are on the way, as long as I can finish them."

Speaking of the inspiration, G.E.M., under the circumstance of a gloomy and depressed society, thought of the Bible verse 'There is no fear in love’. This verse was firstly heard on the day of her 20th birthday, when she just had a heart-wrecking breakup and met a stranger, fortunately, who prayed for her with those six simple words, which let tears rain down her cheeks instantly. The album carries her spiritual inspiration for a decade - "enable me to know more about myself and love".

- Translated by Stella He 

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