Christian social philanthropist Daniel Bian: Once A Prodigal Son, God Took Me Home (2/2)

Daniel Bain
Daniel Bain (photo: Daniel Bian)
By Ruth WangApril 4th, 2016

Daniel gave up the baptism at the age of 18.

Later, his father suggested that he go to seminary for further study, Daniel Bian also gave up. "Because I don't want to be a pastor. I think my future life is like a surgeon, is too boring. I’m very curious to the sinful world, it has an irresistible attraction for me." 

In this way, as an adult, Daniel Bian missed the baptism for the first time, then after 20, 30 years old, God will come and ask him: "would you like to be my child?" And his answer is always "wait for a while, and then take a look at it". 

In hesitation, Daniel Bian missed 30 years, but the word of God has rooted in the hearts of his young and innocent, and laid his values.

Daniel Bian has a great success in the workplace.

His education is just a Tourism School of technical secondary school students, learning ability is not outstanding, And after into the workplace and society, like a darling boy next door, there is no extraordinary talent, no great willpower, even see people are shy.

For less than 10 years, he has worked as a director of human resources from a migrant worker who has washed dishes to the top 500 companies to become "the first person of Chinese professional consultants".

Bian Bingbin's success is legendary. He said in gratitude: "This should be the glory to God." 

"The seeds of the holy spirit planted since childhood to blossom." Daniel bian stressed.

"Since I was a child, asked God to give me courage, wisdom, desire and confidence under stress -- the three elements gave me great motivational force."

 Daniel Bian admitted that he met the general youth barriers to enter the workplace, such as being bullied, being forced to do something you do not want to do, in the face of the fight against the interests and so on. 

"If it is not for the blessings of God, I believe that as many people have been lost in the first pass to the next." He says, "the workplace is like a game. Most people are running on the road of life. Entering the workplace, in fact, 60% of people failed, and the failure to have a logic of inertia, the experience of inertia, action inertia and the inertia enough to let a person life is hard to rise. "

Daniel not only got over the first hurdle, but also became the top in the workplace. His success to his career is courage.

A lifetime pursuit of firmly father persuade, hope son do not so staunch, but Daniel is not willing to such a life: an arrangement and a cut head kept interest in the struggle, finally seek are void of interest. The basis of his values, which grew up in the church life, let him believe that: "the value of life lies not in the house, car, status, but how much ability you have to prove you are alive, you live. Even if I live to be 80 years old, I still have to ask myself, where is the value I live?"

Many of the legends of human resource management, from the concept of "fruit effect from the heart."

At the age of 20, Daniel was appreciated by a fortune 500 company that he had worked for and supported by the study of human resources management, and later became the director of human resource management in the company.

The young man then has a lot of ideas in the human resources management in China, and many of his choices, the idea he does create seems like the time of "legend".

He said, however, that the source of the legend is closely related to a biblical scripture he has ever remembered: "Keep the heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life."

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