Three Areas of Positive Influence Christianity Brings to Society in Qinghai

Jiaochangjie Church in Xining, Qinghai
Jiaochangjie Church in Xining, Qinghai (photo: Haidian Church)
By Josiah LiSeptember 7th, 2016

Christianity has been introduced in Qinghai for over a hundred years. As missionaries brought forth Christianity in Qinghai, it also has impacted positively on other crucial areas of social development such as education, medical services and technology.

Professor Ma Zhongming from the Communist Party's School in Xining published an article titled "The characteristics and social impact of Christianity in Qinghai region" in May 2010's Academic Periodical. Three main benefits are highlighted in his article.

1.Impact on education

As local churches start to open up school to accommodate students from financially poor backgrounds or even beggars on the street, not only are the school fees omitted, these Christian schools even provide extra living allowance or transportation allowance for their students. Academics wise, their students are exposed to Confucius study, science, maths as well as English lessons to be facilitated in their exposure to western culture.

2.Impact on the Medical Field

As missionaries establish new hospitals in Qinghai, advanced medical technology, procedures and research were also brought in to benefit the local people. Doctors and nurses who are trained in these hospital have been greatly benefitted from the most advanced medical expertise in the world.

3.Impact on Technology

As missionaries landed Qinghai, advanced technology has been brought in such as bikes, radios, cameras, jeeps, typing machine, printing machine, batteries, light bulbs, projectors, torch lights, violins, pens, ovens, operation equipment, washing machines etc.

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