"The Hebrew Bible Seminar" Held in Shanghai University

The seminar
The seminar (photo: Photo Provided to CCD)

On Nov 26 and 27, the second seminar on the Hebrew Bible is held at Shanghai University. About twenty experts and scholars from universities including Renmin University of China, Nankai University.

Aimed at promoting the studies on the Hebrew Bible, the seminar has conducted discussions around the Hebrew Bible and the interpretation of Chinese classics as well as the prospect of the research on the Bible in China. The Hebrew Bible studies is still a young subject in China while it has a long academic history and a deep tradition in western academia.

Professor Archie C. C. Lee or Li Zhichang from Shandong University states that when it comes to methods of interpreting the Bible, we should focus on the multi-environment of texts rather than texts alone because of texts flow. The environment of texts changes when texts arrive in other areas, and texts meet other texts, which are the issues the studies should handle with. 

Approximately half of the speakers concern the Bible interpretation under China's circumstances and other scholars introduce the latest viewpoints and thought approaches of Biblical studies in China. All the scholars have reached an agreement that the Chinese scholars on the Biblical studies can try their best to open a window for the Chinese academia through this subject to proceed Sino-Western academic exchanges and communication.

Besides, a forum for graduates has been set up in the seminar to promote the growth of young scholars, in which five papers have been issued. 

In the end, the third seminar will be preliminarily conducted at Sichuan University in 2017.

- Translated by Karen Luo

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