'Christmas Magic' Brings Faith, Hope, and Love to Shenzhen

 "Christmas Magic"
"Christmas Magic"
By Ruth WangDecember 28th, 2016

On the evening of Dec 22, a magic show, "Christmas Magic" comes from Singapore, was performed in Shenzhen Fenghua Grand Theatre. The Singaporean magician Lawrence Khong and his daughter, Priscilla Khong, brought a specialized performance for the local audience.

For Christians, besides its fantasy style performance, the show was also attractive because the actor, Lawrence Khong, is a pastor. He used magic, exquisite scenery, music, and dances, with the story of proclaiming the faith. Every performance ends with a profound message. It showed the love and grace of salvation with an art form that struck deep in the hearts of the people. With Christmas, "Christmas Magic" spread out the message of faith, hope, and love.

- Translated by Grace Hubl

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