Amity Foundation to Launch Rescue Training

The disaster rescue after the eartquake in Ecuador
The disaster rescue after the eartquake in Ecuador (photo: Amity )
By Yi YangFebruary 18th, 2017

A disaster relief training is scheduled on Feb 25 by the Amity Foundation in Nanjing, in cooperation with two Chinese NGOs, Blue Sky Rescue and Blueleopard Rescue. 

The training program will cover the introduction of the present situation of domestic disaster rescue work, mainstream rescue teams, rescue equipment and tools, disposal of rescue scenes and on-site rescue skills.

As one of the earliest registered social organizations, the Foundation has carried out disaster relief efforts at home since 1987, responding to two or three disasters a year. 

Moreover, the only Chinese founding member and a board of ACT Alliance ( a coalition of 147 organizations from 147 countries), takes international rescue measures. It has aided foreign countries including Nepal, Kenya, Philipines and North Korea. 

Translated by Karen Luo

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