2019 Nestorianism Study Forum Held in Fujian

The Nestorianism Study Fuzhou Forum was held in April 2019.
The Nestorianism Study Fuzhou Forum was held in April 2019. (photo: WeChat account: Fujian Christian Council)
By Anthony LeeMay 2nd, 2019

From April 26 to 28, 2019, the Nestorianism Study Fuzhou Forum, hosted by Chinese universities and Fujian Theological Seminary, held its grand opening ceremony in Yongtai county.

According to Fujian Christian Council, Professor Tang Xiaofeng of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences presided over the opening ceremony of the forum. At the meeting, Professor Yue Qinghua, President of the Fujian Theological College, Professor You Bin, Dean of the Institute of Religious Studies of (Beijing Central) Minzu University of China, and Professor Niu Junji of Xinjiang Normal University delivered speeches and introduced the transition process from "Study of Nestorianism" to "Academic Study of Nestorianism (aka Jingxue)", and the recent theoretical research progress on the Nestorianism. The introduction served as the prelude of "2019 Jingxue Research Fuzhou Forum - Literature, Cultural Relics and Silk Road Cultural Exchange".

Later, Prof. Ge Chengwei from the China Cultural Heritage Research Institute gave an academic lecture entitled "Nestorianism: The Road of Refugees and the Road of Immigration", and it pushed the forum atmosphere to a new height.

There were 37 experts and scholars from various Chinese universities attended the meeting. Participating experts and professors expressed their own opinions on a wide range of topics, that include the cultural characteristics of the early Eastern churches, the apostolic command of the Nestorian, the inheritance of the Master of the Faith,  study of the ancient Christian tomb rock, introduction of Mr PiChu Zhao's interpretation of Nestorianism , Nestoriani poet Mr Yuanshu Kim's cultural pursuit and his tragic life during the Yuan Dynasty Destiny,  authenticity of Dunhuang scriptures discovered by the Japanese Mr XiaoDao, the "Jinling Theology" and other academic studies of Nestorianism.

-Translated by Jake



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