The Gratitude of Disabled Believers

The staff of the church in Yaodu District, Linfen, Shanxi Province visited local disabled believers in middle November 2020.
The staff of the church in Yaodu District, Linfen, Shanxi Province visited local disabled believers in middle November 2020. (photo: Zhang Xiaohua )
By Zhang XiaohuaNovember 27th, 2020

On the occasion of the National Day for Poverty Alleviation which annually falls on October 17 since 2014, we visited some disabled believers in Yaodu District, Linfen City, Shanxi Province, to learn about their living conditions. Their rough experience is heartbreaking, but each of them has a grateful smile of joy on his or her face.

Pass the Love on to Someone in Need

Wang Junhong, who lives in a low-rent house, is a wheelchair-bound disabled man. An accident more than 10 years ago seriously injured his chest vertebra. In despair, he began to believe in God under the influence of his mother. Last year his mother passed away, leaving him and his two children alone. Later, he developed kidney disease and often went to the hospital for dialysis. Despite his illness, he is steadfast in his reliance on the Lord. Before his mother died, she told him to dedicate their old house to the church. He constantly listens to recorded prayers, reads the Bible, and takes on the task of daily intercession and scripture sharing for the disability fellowship.

He also organized a small learning group in his home, where several believers in his neighborhood come to learn and say intercessory prayers together once a week and listen to the live stream of a worship service when they could not go to church in these unusual times.

Speaking of his life, both he and his child have a subsistence allowance and go through the formalities for chronic disease. God’s grace is sufficient for him. He recently bought a new electric wheelchair and specifically asked that his old electric wheelchair be given free to a believer in need.

Live for Christ to Preach the Gospel though Being Sick

Brother Jiao Mingqing, who is nearly sixty years old, is in a household enjoying the five guarantees (food, clothes, medical care, housing, and burial). He has been sick since he was a child and has trouble moving his hands and feet, but he loves the Lord very much, often riding a tricycle around to take care of church affairs. He is not highly educated, but he has a remarkable memory. He considers this a special gift from God, and with practice, he began to preach the Gospel through allegro performance. Every Christmas, his allegro performance is a “must” for his fellowship and church.

Not long ago, he suffered from dizziness and nausea and was diagnosed with a mild cerebral infarction. He stayed in the hospital for half a month without spending much money. In his hospital bed, he mused on God’s word and sang songs about him. Now back at home, his body has gradually recovered, and now he can walk with a crutch.

Gratitude from a Disabled Widow

Sister Wang Huainv is a 60-year-old peasant woman who lives in the village of Beiduan, Hexi. Her husband died at an early age, her son suffered from schizophrenia, and her daughter-in-law ran away, leaving a little grandson with a very difficult life. Three years ago, the roof of the three cave dwellings where they lived were badly damaged and leaking. After learning about it, the disability fellowship went to check.  They found that the house was very damp. Even though the heavy rain had stopped outside, it was still dripping inside. Her son's face was dull, and she was sad. After the fellowship contacted the head of the church, they raised money and worked to repair her house. Later she was connected with a poverty alleviation partner in the district, and her life gradually improved.

A brand-new iron door replaced her wooden door, and she found a faithful husband. The poverty alleviation team got to know her son’s condition and contacted with a psychiatric hospital. He was hospitalized for more than a year and it cost tens of thousands of yuan. She did not spend much money herself, but her son’s illness was getting better. The child, who had hit her on the head with a brick when he was having a psychotic episode, is a different person now. He is quiet and will kneel down to pray with her. Her grandson is now in junior high school in the town, and he is in the top of his class in every exam. All three of them have subsistence allowances. There are always people who come to visit and ask about their needs on New Year's Day or other festivals, so now she often gives thanks to God.

Be Baptized and Determined to Serve the Lord

Cheng Tianhe, who lives in a low-rent house, has believed in the Lord for more than two years. He has a strong desire to be baptized and to serve the Lord, but he cannot go to the church. After being contacted by him, the elders went to his house to baptize him.

It turned out that he had been a cook and he had earned a lot of money with his skills. He once lived an enjoyable life. Unexpectedly, a few years ago, he suddenly suffered from encephalopathy and became a severely disabled person who could not take care of himself. The major change in life made him desperate.

Then he heard the gospel of Jesus Christ and began to believe. Several believers in the courtyard visited him and helped him, and they took him to every worship meeting. There, the Lord’s love removed his self-abasement. Once the world was cold, but God’s home makes him feel warm and cared for.

Although he is unable to move around, he does his best to learn to do some housework, so as to get well soon, reduce the burden on his family and work for the Lord. His eyes glistened with tears as he was baptized by an elder.

Disabled people are a vulnerable group with special difficulties. Compared with ordinary people, they have many more pains and sorrows that others cannot understand. When they come to the disability fellowship and are gathered in the presence of Jesus Christ, they meet Jesus and receive the best blessings of their lives. God wants to show his glory through these humble people. 

(The original article is published by Gospel Times.)

- Translated by Nicolas Cao 

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