Christian Charities Across China Launch Fundraising in Tencent Annual Charity Campaign

The poster of Tencent's 99 Giving Day event in 2021
The poster of Tencent's 99 Giving Day event in 2021 (photo: Tencent Foundation)
By Zhang MengyueSeptember 8th, 2021

Christian charities in China are launching online fundraising in China's largest annual charity campaign. 

YMCA raised funds for the charitable project for people with mental disorders on September 7 when this year's  "99 Giving Day" started. The annual national charity day was initiated by Tencent Charity in 2015, united with hundreds of charity organizations, well-known enterprises, celebrities, and top creative communication agencies.

From Tuesday to Thursday, anyone donating funds will receive a matching donation from the Tencent Foundation. Each person who donates one yuan can supply his friends with five opportunities of gaining match donations. Participants can donate to, send "red flowers" to and answer questions for their friends once every day, to increase their matching donation ratio. Each person can help their friend up to 30 times a day, according to Amity Foundation. 

The YMCA project named "Sunshine Opens the Way of Life" is mainly aimed at people aged between 5-59 years old, who have psychological confusion and mental health needs in various fields of society. It will be carried out in the form of special lectures and group activities.

Amity Foundation rolls out fundraising activities for special children. The faith-based foundation holds the event named "Together For Good" to fund some charitable projects, such as "Support Orphans", "Vocational Training Program For The Mentally Disabled", and "Care for Children with Autism".

During the campaign, Tencent Foundation allocates 99.99 million matching donations on Sept 7, 100 million on the second day, and another 100 million on the third day. The activities start at 10 o'clock every day, and the person who donates first will get the matching donation first, with a maximum total donation of 999 yuan daily per person.

Matching donations is a form of charity donation. For example, with a charity fund of 10 yuan, when someone donates 1 yuan, another funding agency will also provide a certain percentage of donations, aiming to encourage more people to participate in charity. 

As a strategic partner, the Amity Foundation has raised donations on the online platform every year to develop charity projects ever since the first charity day.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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