Testimony: Woman Born With Amblyopia Realizes Her Worth in Christ

Two persons pray in a church.
Two persons pray in a church. (photo: Christian Design)
By Zhao JacobNovember 18th, 2021

Sister Zhao, a native of Puyang, Henan, has been living in Wenzhou, Zhejiang ever since she got married.

When she was young, her family worshiped idols and ancestors. During certain festivals, family members had to kowtow and bow. When she was 16 years old, Zhao was diagnosed with a serious case of cervical spondylosis. She suffered from a headache, and her neck and eyes were also in pain. As a result, she couldn't go to school. Her parents took her to hospital in many different places, but each time she went to the hospital, the doctor would claim she was not ill. However, her symptoms never went away. Later on, her parents took her to seek some superstitious remedies, but it was useless.

There is a man in her village who believes in Jesus, and he preached the Gospel to her family. Parents allowed her to convert to Christianity if that would heal her. They thought that if their daughter believed in Jesus and then got better, the whole family would follow him. Unlike other people’s testimonies, after Zhao became a Christian, the disease was not cured, and the symptoms remained. Although her parents refused to follow Christ, she accepted the Christian faith.

While church meetings were held at night, she, with bad vision, could only go along with others. This would usually happen when they told her to go to church. However, she could not do that without being invited by others. Despite the fact she still hadn’t recovered completely from the disease, she married a Christian man in the church. 

After their marriage, Zhao followed her husband to Wenzhou and began to attend church meetings there. Even Zhao herself didn't know when she was cured, and she never suffered any pain in her cervical spine. 

Born with amblyopia, she could not work in a factory. As a result, she spent the last few years taking care of her children. When they grew older, she intended to find a job but her blurred vision prevented her from working. She began to pray constantly.

In November 2019, she was interested in a product from the WeChat moment posted by a sister in her church.  She planed to be an agent for the product, but it needed investment. When she felt it was God’s guidance, she borrowed 1,500 yuan from her sister and started her own business. She did it for two years. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, her business was successful. She earned more than ten thousand yuan last month, which exceeded her expectations.

She confessed that it was good to have earned her own money, but the most important thing was that God had removed her shame, for which she was very grateful. Because of her poor eyesight, many people looked down on her, even her relatives laughed at her. But God cared for her, helping her do better than all of them in the marketplace.

- Translated by Stephen Huang

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